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How do I add a healthcare organization in CGM Life?

The steps in brief

  • To add your healthcare organization, log in via CGM Life
  • Not all healthcare organizations are connected yet
  • To retrieve your file, you must also log in with DigiD

1. login

Go to the CGM Life website and log in with your details.

2. Network page

You will arrive at the network page. This is the page where you can search for healthcare providers. The healthcare providers with whom you have previously exchanged data are also stored here. In addition, this page provides access to your complete medical file from your healthcare institutions.

3. Find a healthcare organization

Click on 'Search healthcare organization'. Here you can search for your healthcare providers. Enter the search term and press enter on your keyboard to search. Based on the search term you will see one or more results. Under the name of the healthcare organization you can immediately see which data you can retrieve.

Please note: not all healthcare providers will be available yet.

4. Collect file

For example, to retrieve your file, click on 'Medical file'.

5. Log in with DigiD

You will now log in with your DigiD for secure data transfer. Click on 'Login'.

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6. Permission

After logging in with DigiD, you must give permission to exchange the data. It may take a while for the data to be retrieved.

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