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MyPGO – How do I create an account?

To use MyPGO you need an account. To create an account, it is best to use a computer to check your email and your mobile to use the Yivi app that you must download.
You can watch the video below or follow the steps to create an account:

Steps in brief

  • Download the YIVI app
  • Enter your email and confirm it
  • Press 'Get data' and on 'Add' 
  • Enter your email address again
  • An email will be sent to you again. click on 'Load email address attribute' in the email
  • Scan the QR code with the YIVI app
  • Enter the code of the app on the website
  • Open the MijnPGO website
  • click on 'Create an account'
  • Fill in your personal details and accept the Terms of Use
  • click on 'Create an account'
  • Scan the QR code
  • click on 'Add' 

1. Open the MijnPGO website

Open the MijnPGO website. You don't have to do anything on the website yet, you will only need it later.
So you can also open the website at a later time.

2. Download the Yivi app

To use MyPGO you need the Yivi app. If you use an Apple product (iPhone or iPad) you can download the app via the App Store on your device.
If you use an Android device (Samsung or other brands) you can download the Yivi app from the Google Play Store on your device.

3. Link your email address to the Yivi app

Open the Yivi app and enter your email address. An email will now be sent to you with a confirmation link.
You will need to click on that link to confirm your email address.

4. Retrieve data

After confirming your email address, click ' Retrieve data'  in the Yivi app.
You now have to enter your email address again. Another email will be sent to you with a link to click.
Click on in the email 'Load email address attribute'.

5. Scan the QR code

A QR code will now appear. You must scan this code with the Yivi app. A code will now appear that you must enter on the website.
Once you have entered the code, your email address has been successfully linked to the Yivi app.

6. Create an account

If you have not yet opened the MyPGO website, you should do so now. On the website you will see three blue buttons. You have to get up 'Create an account' click, this is the middle button.

7. Fill in data

Now fill in your personal details and accept the Terms of Use. Then click 'Create an account' 

8. Scan the QR code

A QR code will now appear again that you must scan with the Yivi app. Press 'Add'.
You will now be logged in to MyPGO on your computer and your account has been created.


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