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Update apps

The steps in brief

  • Many apps won't work if the most recent version isn't on your device.
  • You can enable automatic updating on your device for this.
  • This is different for Apple devices or Android devices.

On an iPhone or iPad

Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Then go to App Store. Here you can turn on the switch for 'Automatic downloads' under App updates.

On an Android device

Open the Play Store. Click on your Google account icon. That is the circle containing your initials or photo. Then click 'Settings', then 'Network Preferences' and finally 'Automatically update apps'.

Choose from the different options:

  • Click 'On any network' if you don't care when apps update. Data costs will be charged if updates are made via the mobile network.
  • Click on 'Only via WiFi' if updating is only allowed when the device is connected to WiFi (recommended).


Click 'Done'. You are now done.

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