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Email confirmation: how does it work?

The steps in brief

  • To communicate securely digitally, it is advisable to confirm your email address.
  • This ensures that the information is sent to the correct email address.
  • You only need to confirm your email address once.

1. Log in to the portal

To confirm your email address, first go to your healthcare provider's portal.

2. Go to your details

There is a section in the portal with your data. This is often referred to as 'my data' or 'personal data'. Click on this.

3. Confirm e-mail

You can select 'confirm email address' for your details. Another commonly used word is verify.

4. Get the code

Check your known e-mail address in the system or adjust it if necessary. You will receive the verification code at this email address.

5. Enter the code

Enter the code you received by email into the system. You often have limited time for this.

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