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How do I activate my Yris account?

The steps in brief

  • If you want to use Yris for the first time, you must first activate the account.
  • You will need a QR code from your healthcare provider for this.

1. Open the website

Open the Yris website. The website asks for access to the camera, click 'Allow'.

2. Scan QR code

Point your device's camera at the code in the letter. When the code has been properly displayed, you will receive the message: 'The QR code has been scanned correctly. This is the second part of the registration. This is the first time you are using Yris. To properly protect your data, we ask you to set your password.

3. Enter password

Now enter the same password twice. It is important that you remember this password.

4. Access

Enter the password again and click on 'Give me access'. You now have access to the patient portal.


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