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How do I create an account for cBoards as a patient?

Steps in brief

  • When your healthcare professional or informal care provider involves you in a board, you will automatically receive an email.
  • You can create an account to access cBoards.

1. Open invitation

The email you receive always states who invited you to cBoards, an explanation about cBoards and a 'Register' button. Click this button.

2. Fill in data

You can now fill in your details. You can change your telephone number and email address later. Also choose a password and remember it well. You must also agree to the terms. Once you have done this, click 'Next step'.

3. Confirm phone number

To check whether your mobile number is set up correctly, it is necessary to confirm the telephone number. To do this, click on 'Send SMS code'. An SMS will now be sent to your phone number.

4. Enter code

Enter the 4-digit code from the SMS on the screen. You are now logged in.

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