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I'm going away/on holiday for a few days. How do I turn off Medido?

Are you going on holiday? Then you can close Medido completely.

Steps in brief

  • Call Medido customer service
  • Turn Medido off with the yellow button on the side
  • Remove the plug from the socket

Turn off Medido

In the steps below you can read how you can completely close Medido before you go on holiday.

1. Call customer service

Call Medido customer service to pause Medido.
Medido customer service is available 24/7 on 085 888 5123.

2. Turn off Medido

Press the yellow button on the side of Medido. This disables Medido.

3. Remove the plug from the socket

When you remove the plug from the socket, you have completely closed Medido.

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