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What can I do on Pluriform?

1. Dates

Under 'Appointments' you will find all agreements you have with healthcare or, for example, domestic help. The block shows the first four appointments (in the future). To gain insight into all your appointments, click on 'All appointments'.

2. Measurements

Under 'Measurements' you can add your own measurements. With the 'New measurement' button you can enter a new measurement under the categories: blood pressure and/or heart rate, weight, glucose day curve, pain score, signaling phase colors and fluid balance. The first three measurements are shown in the block. To gain insight into all your measurements, click on 'All measurements'.

3. Print treatment plan

Under 'Print' you will find a printout of your care plan, there may be several. By clicking Download you open the care plan. If you have not yet accepted or refused the care plan, this can be done by clicking 'Sign' (= approve) or 'Reject'. In both cases, an SMS code will be sent to you, which must be entered to confirm the choice made. If you have chosen 'Reject', you can provide a reason for this.

4. Forms

Under 'Forms' you will find forms that you have completed yourself or together with your practitioner. The first three forms are shown in the block. To gain insight into all your forms, click on 'All forms'.

5. Evaluations 

You will find the evaluation reports under 'Evaluations'. The block shows the first three evaluations. To gain insight into all your evaluations, click on 'All evaluations'.

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