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February 19, 2023

Merlijne Sonneveld opening speaker ICT health conference [video]


Quite an honor! Merlijne Sonneveld (founder and director of Helpdesk Digital Care) was one of the opening speakers on Monday, January 30 during the ICT health conference 2023. In addition to Minister for Long-term Care and Sport Conny Helder, Jet Bussemaker (chairman of RVS) and professor Masi Mohammadi.

Of course, Merlijne also addressed the theme that we work for every day: making digital care accessible to everyone. Watch her personal story here:

Every year, ICT&health kicks off the new healthcare year with the annual large and influential healthcare conference on healthcare transformation. A day full of interaction with many experts from all lines of healthcare about the latest developments, applications, collaborations, smart innovations and technologies that make transformative care work in practice.