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January 15, 2024

From board to supervisory board: a new level of supervision and strategic advice.

Original: Linkedin message Merlijne Sonneveld

“One small step for women, one giant leap for Helpdesk Digital Care” 🚀 What a great next step for Helpdesk Digital Care! 🤩

Because Helpdesk Digital Care has undergone a barely visible but important change. The Helpdesk Digital Care Foundation now has a Supervisory Board and I am a director (formerly director) of this wonderful foundation. For me, the step from director to director emphasizes the ambition to take our added value to a higher level. Why this change?

The three main reasons are:

🔥 Strengthen governance
The establishment of a Supervisory Board brings a new level of oversight and strategic advice to the organization. Securing our mission is crucial for an organization that is committed to equality in the accessibility of digital care.

🔥 Proven added value
Helpdesk Digital Care has proven its worth. Not only for the thousands of patients we have helped along the way, but also for the dozens of healthcare institutions and other partners with whom we successfully collaborate. The transition to a new structure reflects the growth of the organization. We want to consolidate and further expand this proven value and stability.

🔥 Strengthening professionalization
The restructuring is a natural step in the professional development of Helpdesk Digital Care. It provides us with a stronger foundation for future growth and innovation. This way we can respond more effectively to the dynamic playing field in healthcare, while remaining true to our core values of innovation, social involvement and quality services.

The Supervisory Board is formed by persons who previously formed the board, namely Bas Weebers (GP at RHOGO), Andre Brand (director of HilverZorg) and Erik van der Veen (secretary of the Board of Directors of Tergooi MC). They will continue to commit to the foundation in this new role with their knowledge, experience and network.

🙏 I am proud of what we have achieved together and am really looking forward to building on this with full force. Partly and especially thanks to the efforts of our team of service employees, TOPPERS, who have already helped many thousands of people with a lot of knowledge and patience. Thanks to their efforts, patients and clients can use digital care, which was not possible before. Big shout-out for that Emmy Kuipers, Annemarije Hilverda, Fred Antonides, Hugo Mous, Larissa Felen, Robin Schmidt, Jolie Lammertsma, Merin Knaapen, Niels Jansen and Dennis Master. And a warm welcome to our new colleagues Alexander de Jong and Bram Kornelis.

🙏 And finally, thanks to all our participating healthcare institutions and partners, together with you we will make our support in the use of digital care a success!

Would you like to know more about what we can do for your patients, clients and professionals? Please contact me!