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April 16, 2024

Healthcare innovation in action: Avicenna Health Hack 2024

Merlijne Sonneveld and Diederik Gommers as keynote speakers

Last weekend, colleagues Merlijne and Alexander participated in the Avicenna Health Hack 2024! During this inspiring day, participants were immersed in the latest developments within the healthcare sector, including the rise of digital transformation and the promising role of AI.

Merlijne was on stage together with Diederik Gommers as one of the keynote speakers. While Diederik highlighted current developments in healthcare and the changing role of healthcare providers with the rise of AI, Merlijne focused on the crucial importance of accessibility in digital healthcare for citizens and patients in particular.

Diederik Gommers, Head of Intensive Care Department at Erasmus Medical Center: “It is five to twelve. We really have to do things differently to ensure the accessibility of care in the future!”

Merlijne Sonneveld, director at Helpdesk Digital Care: “It is crucial to make digital care accessible and understandable. We are fully committed to that.”

After the inspiring presentations, the driven young professionals immediately started working on specific cases to achieve tangible improvements in healthcare! Under the guidance of various experienced coaches, they worked on improving the understandability of healthcare applications. These coaches came from leading organizations such as Berenschot, Gupta, Senz Strategy Consulting and ROM Utrecht.

Under the guidance of the coaches, the young professionals started working on the cases.
Under the guidance of the coaches, the young professionals started working on the cases.


From Helpdesk Digital Care we presented two challenging cases:

  • How can we ensure that e-health applications are of high quality and reliable?
  • In what ways can the use of AI contribute to the services of an online service desk in healthcare?

The students' efforts and creativity have paid off, resulting in concrete solutions that help the healthcare sector move forward. From enhanced e-health applications to innovative approaches to AI in service delivery, their work has the potential to improve the healthcare experience for both professionals and patients. Their successful results are an inspiration to the entire industry and demonstrate how the next generation of professionals is shaping the future of healthcare.

We are extremely proud of the dedication of the young professionals and the tangible results they have achieved. We are already looking forward to the next edition!

Would you like to know more about the results achieved or the possibilities of our support for your healthcare institution? Please contact Alexander at