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How can I retrieve my healthcare provider's details in Drimpy?

The steps in brief

  • To retrieve data securely, you can retrieve data from your healthcare provider via Drimpy.
  • You do this by following the steps below.

1. Go to the website

Open the Drimpy website on your computer or mobile device

2. Retrieve data

Click the blue 'Get data' button.

3. Choosing a healthcare provider

Click on 'At your healthcare provider' and enter (part of) the name of your healthcare provider. Choose the right healthcare provider.

4. DigiD

You will be referred to DigiD. You must agree to the terms of use here. Then select 'Log in with DigiD'. You can now choose how you want to log in. With the DigiD app or a check via text message.

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Digital identification
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5. Permission

Log in with your DigiD. After the login page you will see a page asking for permission. Here you can give permission by clicking on 'Yes, I give permission'.

6. Drimpy

You now return to Drimpy. Here you can find the details of your healthcare provider in your PGO.

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