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How do I connect with my care provider in Caren?

The steps in brief

To view healthcare information, you must link your or your loved one's healthcare page to the healthcare provider. To ensure that personal information is only shared with the right people, a link with a healthcare provider can only be made with a code that is sent by letter to the postal address known to the healthcare provider.

1. Request a letter

If you have not yet received a letter, you can easily request one via Caren. Go to the care page of the person receiving care and click on 'Link a care provider' under connections.

(If the name of the healthcare provider is not listed, this healthcare provider does not make it possible to request a letter with an activation code for Caren directly via the website. You can then contact the healthcare provider to request a letter with an activation code. for Caren.)

2. Client number

In the screen that appears, select the care provider and enter the client number. A letter with a code will then be sent to the address of the person receiving care, which is the home address as known to the care provider. The letters are sent twice a week, which means they are expected to be delivered within 1-3 working days. You can use the code in the letter as described above.

3. Confirm link

If you have already received a letter from your healthcare provider, you can make the link with the verification code contained in the letter. You then click on 'enter code' at the top of the website or on 'receive a letter?' on the connections page.

4. Enter activation code

Enter the code. In the window that then appears, you can choose to which care page you want to link the link with the care provider. In this case, you are asked who “Johannes Cornelis de Vries” is, which is the full name as known to the healthcare provider. You may already have a care page for that person, you might be one yourself, or you might want to add a new page for that person. Select the correct option in the column on the right and click confirm.

To be sure, it is still necessary to confirm the choice. If you are not sure of your choices, it is always possible to contact the helpdesk.

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