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I want to create an account with Caren

The steps in brief

  • Go to Caren's website:
  • At the top right you will see 'create account'
  • Enter the requested information on Caren's website
  • Then confirm your account in the email you received from Caren

1. Go to Caren's website

You can create an account with Caren via the Caren website. Go to the website

2. Go to 'create account'

Caren is a safe care network for everyone who receives or provides care. You can make appointments, divide tasks, keep each other informed and contact healthcare organizations.

3. Agree and start

Agree to the terms and conditions and click on 'start with Caren'

4. enter your name

Enter your first and last name in this step and click next.

5. E-mail address

Enter your email address. Make sure you don't make any spelling mistakes in the email address.

6. Management of an account

Enter whether you will manage the account of the person requiring care and click Next.

7. Activation code from your healthcare provider

Enter whether you have received an activation code from your healthcare provider and click Next.

8. Verify your information

Verify your information. Has everything been filled in correctly? click next. Is something wrong? Then go back and correct what is incorrect.

9. E-mail confirmation

You have received an email at the email address you entered. Click on the link in the received email to confirm your account.

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E-mail confirmation

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10. Fill in data

Fill in the requested information and click next. You have created an account with Carenzorgt and are ready to get started.

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