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I want to log in to my child's patient portal, how do I do that with DigiD?

Steps in brief

  • There are three age groups that are important for logging in to the patient portal.
  • Below are the different groups and the procedure for inspection.

Children up to 12 years old

Only the parent or guardian has access to the child's patient portal. To log in, you need your child's DigiD with SMS function.

Children from 12 to 16 years

From the age of 12, children can participate in decisions about their care and treatment. This means that they can also gain access to the patient portal. Children in this age group can log in themselves with their DigiD with SMS function. Children and parents give each other verbal permission to log in. Without agreement, inspection is not legally permitted.

Children aged 16 and over

From now on, your child can decide for themselves about their treatment and only log in to the patient portal themselves. Your child decides who may be watching. Using your child's DigiD to log in to view the file is considered a legal violation.

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