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Login details and passwords

To pay attention to:

  • Make sure you never share your login details with others, even if asked to do so by telephone. Your password always remains yours.
  • Never use your password for multiple accounts. Always create a new password for every account, whether it is an online store or a healthcare institution.
  • Do you use a public computer, for example a library or educational institution? Then never save your login name and/or password.
  • Never use a public WiFi network if you want to visit a website that requires you to log in. This is a WiFi network where you are not asked for a password.

Password managers

Of course, you cannot remember all those different passwords. A useful tool for securely storing passwords is a password manager. This program can not only remember passwords for you but can also generate good, secure passwords for you.

A password manager puts all your passwords in a digital safe and protects them with an umbrella password. From now on you only have to remember one password to access all your accounts. Such a digital safe is of course extra secured. Browsers also often offer the option to save your password. However, its security is much less strong.

The paper password manager

It is of course also possible to write down your passwords in a booklet. It is wise to start each password with the same word. You do not write this word down, but you remember it. If someone does get their hands on your booklet, they will still not be able to log in to your accounts.

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