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How do I activate the BeterDichtbij app?

The steps in brief

  • Download the BeterDichtbij app
  • Enter your details
  • Confirmation of your details via SMS and email
  • Choose a 5-digit PIN code

1. Download the BeterDichtbij app

First install the BeterDichtbij app on your mobile device.

2. Open the BeterDichtbij app

Then click 'Start' and 'Agree' at the top right after viewing the terms of use.

3. Allow the BeterDichtbij app to send you notifications

This is important to do so that you are visible and audible during a video call.

4. Enter your 06 number.

Use the same 06 number as is known to your healthcare provider and click on 'Continue'

5. SMS code

You will now receive an SMS with a code to safely confirm your details. Enter the code and click 'Verify'

6. Click on the link in the email

Click on the link in the email you just received or enter the code from the email and click 'Continue'. You have now finished activating the BeterDichtbij app.

Instructional video

Fred Antonides
Hello, my name is Fred. My colleagues and I are standing every working day from 08:00 - 18:00 ready for you.