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How do I turn the Microsoft Authenticator app lock on or off?

The app may automatically enable an app lock. You can leave this on, but it is also possible to turn it off.

Steps in brief

  • Open the app
  • Press on the three vertical dots
  • Press 'Institutions' 
  • Move the slider under the cup 'App Lock'

1. Open the App and enter the code

Open the Microsoft Authenticator App.
The code you need to open the app is the same as the code you use to unlock your tablet/mobile.

2. Three vertical dots

Press on the three vertical dots.
Then you choose 'Institutions'.

3. Turn app lock on or off

Under the heading Security it says 'App Lock'. If the slider next to the text is blue, app locking is on.
You can turn this off by pressing it. The slider now turns gray and app locking is turned off.

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