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May 1, 2024

Rehabilitation Friesland chooses Helpdesk Digitale Zorg for patient support

Revalidatie Friesland has announced that they will now use the Digital Care Helpdesk to support patients in the use of digital care and eHealth. This step marks an important development in Revalidatie Friesland's mission to offer more and more rehabilitation at home, in which digital care plays an essential role.

Through the collaboration with the Digital Care Helpdesk, patients of Revalidatie Friesland can now receive expert support in the use of digital healthcare resources and eHealth applications. This includes help with device setup, understanding software, and troubleshooting technical issues.

“The helpdesk helps enormously with this,” says Peter Visch, director of Revalidatie Friesland. “This way, patients are always helped well and questions are monitored. Making an appointment from home saves patients time, energy and travel costs.”

The decision to engage the Digital Care Helpdesk was partly due to the active involvement of the patient panel of Revalidatie Friesland. “Our patient panel actively participated in this change and, partly thanks to their request for 'remote assistance', we managed to hire the Helpdesk,” adds Mr. Fish up. “We find this form of participation very important.”

For this reason, patient panel member Harm Schreiber was present at the festive launch. Harm is a former rehabilitation member of Revalidatie Friesland and, in his role, is actively involved in making digital care more accessible. Harm says: “Too often the patient is forgotten in the (digital) solutions that are offered. I am happy that I can contribute to this in my role. And with results. This is a wonderful step in making digital care more understandable and accessible for people like me.”

“The collaboration with Revalidatie Friesland underlines our mission to make digital care understandable and accessible. We do this by offering high-quality support to healthcare organizations and their patients when using digital care,” says Merlijne Sonneveld, Director of Helpdesk Digital Care. “With our team of expert, professional and committed service employees, we strive to make digital care accessible to all patients of Revalidatie Friesland. We are pleased that we can contribute to facilitating the rehabilitation process for patients, so that they can recuperate more comfortably and effectively at home.”

The Digital Care Helpdesk supports various healthcare organizations across the country and has a proven track record in providing high-quality patient support. Some of the healthcare organizations that already benefit from the Helpdesk's services include general practitioners in Amsterdam, general practitioners in Zeeland, mental health institution Arkin and Gelderse Vallei Hospital.

The collaboration between Revalidatie Friesland and the Digital Care Helpdesk promises to be an important step forward in improving access to and use of digital care for patients, making them better able to continue their rehabilitation journey at home.