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How can I make video calls via Karify on the computer?

Steps in brief

  • Your healthcare professional will start the conversation on the agreed date
  • You can join the conversation in three ways: via a notification; via 'video calls' or via email
  • A test screen will open where you can click next
  • Your healthcare professional appears on screen and the conversation can begin

1. What do you need?

To make video calls via Karify on the computer you need the following:

  • A (built-in) camera, microphone and speakers or headphones
  • A well-functioning internet connection
  • An up-to-date browser. Consider, for example, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Safari.

2. Start the conversation

Your healthcare professional will start the conversation on the agreed date. Make sure you are logged in to the Karify website. When your healthcare provider starts the conversation, you will be offered three options to start the conversation:

Way 1
A notification bar with a link will appear in Karify:

Way 2:
In the left menu you can click on 'video calls'. When you do this, a button will appear to start the video call:

Way 3
If you have received an email from your healthcare provider, you can click on the link to participate in the conversation with your healthcare provider.

3. The test screen

After you open the video call, a screen will appear. This is a test screen, here you can check whether your camera is working properly. Your healthcare provider cannot see you yet.
Here you can test whether your camera, speakers and microphone work.
If everything works well, click next. Your healthcare provider will now appear on the screen.

4. End the conversation

You end the call by clicking the 'end' button at the bottom right.

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