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February 21, 2023

New identity and website, same ambition

Website mockup

To optimally support the growth of Helpdesk Digital Care, a new identity and website have been launched. An important part of this new website are the so-called landing pages that all participants now have at their disposal. This allows patients to find all information relevant to them in one place.

Digital Care Helpdesk was created two years ago based on the demands and needs of patients at Dutch healthcare institutions. To make digital care accessible to everyone. This need is still growing and with it the role of the Digital Care Helpdesk.

“Our new identity and website fit seamlessly with our ambition. I am extra proud that we have achieved this together with our end users.”

Merlijne Sonneveld, founder and director of Helpdesk Digital Care.


Logo Digital Care Helpdesk


The Rotterdam design agency Evers + de Gier played an important role in developing the new identity. And then pre-translate it into an accessible website. During the design process, a number of principles were central, such as trust, friendly and approachable. Based on these principles and through interactive sessions, a reliable and accessible brand has been created.

“For us, the goal was to design an appearance that feels like your own (grand)child, who comes by to help you with your question.”

Mans van Oosterhout, digital designer at Evers + de Gier.

User perspective

Digital Care Helpdesk allowed Evers + de Gier to base our design choices on user research. Extensive research has been conducted into how a brand and website that is as accessible, inclusive and reliable as possible could be created for a broad target group.

We sat down with potential users several times to see how they think and act. And the website has been tested with real users. As a result, there is now a website that is designed completely from the user's perspective.

Session brand identity

Development partner Jannes & Mannes ensured that no concessions had to be made in terms of technology on the user-friendliness and accessibility of the website. For example, a lot of attention has been paid to the details in, for example, the search function and interactions. The first version of the site is now online, but it is a product in development. We will continue to optimize the website based on user feedback, so that we can make it even easier for even more people.

Always the correct information

Willemijn van Koevorden is Business Development Manager at Helpdesk Digital Care: “Healthcare providers naturally find it important that the patient is in good hands with us and can be helped quickly. Through a customized landing page (with unique URL) per participant, we give patients a recognizable page with only relevant information such as manuals and local referrals such as to the Library. We do not offer too much information at the same time.”

“We offer patients a recognizable page with only relevant information.”

Willemijn van Koevorden, Business Development Manager Digital Care Helpdesk

Curious? For example, check out the landing page of Rivierenland Hospital.

In addition to the landing page, the search function is also an important part of the website. Within a few seconds you will have the right answer to your question using the easy, but powerful search function. Is your answer not listed or are you still unable to figure it out? The telephone number is always prominently displayed so that the helpdesk team can always help you personally.